Innovation for Sustainable Energy

In the chemical industry, refinery and oil exploration, one of the key performances of the equipment and process is Reliability. Optimal Tech offers these industries with the products from the number one supplier of this technology for various application such as;


Gas Treating Solvent, which can bring you to the most advanced solutions available for gas treatment to meet all hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide treating requirements, Heat Transfer Fluid, which can provide the operation temperature from 100 Degree Celsius to 400 Degree Celsius, Synthetic Lubricant, which are designed for rotary screw compressor (RSC) application, and Quenchants, which can control the heat transfer rates from parts during the quenching process.

Field of Applications 

  • Polymerization

  • Metal Forging

  • Heat Transfer System

  • Sour Gas Treating

  • Solvent Recovery

Products Portfolio

Gas Treating Solvent

  • Amine

  • Specialty Amine

Heat Transfer Fluids

  • High Temperature

  • Low Temperature


Synthetic Lubricant

  • Compressor



  • Polymer Quenchant Fluids